The Papier Gallery, for almost twenty years, has curated private collections of art and antiques. Today it also offers an appraisal service for silverware and old sheffield, antique furniture, antiques, sculptures, modern and contemporary art.

The evaluation of a work of art or an antiques is a very complex analysis that requires professionalism and knowledge. An object acquires or loses value depending on the author, conservation and authenticity. Furthermore, in the evaluation of a work of art or an antique object, reference is always made to the art market and the trends of collectors, therefore the value of a work of art or an antique object can vary in the time based on variables that do not belong to the object in question. These factors can only be assessed by a person with experience and knowledge of the market.

Evaluations aren't just useful before you put items up for sale; knowing the value of a work of art or antiques that you own is also essential for insurance, inheritance divisions or bequests.

The cost of evaluations of an antiques or a work of art starts from a minimum of € 50 but can also be carried out free of charge, in case you decide to entrust the mandate to sell your works and antiques ( or sell) to the Papier Gallery, on the basis of the estimates proposed.

To request free assistance for an evaluation, fill out the form.