Yvonne Gandini
Biography, Criticism and Revelism


Doctor in "Rehabilitation Sciences" and "Expert in Communication and Human Resources Management", Yvonne Maria Teresa Gandini was born in Zevio in the province of Verona. In the first years of his life, his passion for painting immediately manifested itself, although he had to concurrently carry out some stages for its evolution. After graduating from high school, he studied as a Rehabilitation Therapist at the Clinic of Nervous and Mental Diseases at the University of Rome and obtained the qualification with a mark of 70/70 and honors and subsequently also the diploma of Community Manager at the Ministry of University and Research of Rome. The painter acquires fundamental knowledge in the field of psychodynamic theories thanks to the course at “Neuropsychiatry” and is hired by the ASL ROMA H as coordinator of the Occupational Rehabilitation Day Hospital. In the same year he obtained the equivalence of the first level degree in Rehabilitation Sciences.
Over the years, Yvonne Gandini develops particular interest in the socio-educational-training field and deepens the field of communication by obtaining a Master in "Effective Communication and Human Resources Management" at the Italian Society of GESTALT and dedicates herself to ECM Training Projects for the ASLRMH in the role of design and speaker. Despite her professional merits, however, the contact with painting is always present like a fire under the ashes and faces the public for the first time in 1992 when the painter organizes and realizes with the director Massimo Collins a workshop on Creativity at the Teatro di Villa Adele in Anzio.
➢ 2000 July and August participates in some personal painting works such as the exhibition at the Hilton Hotel in Rome and the pictorial exhibition at Piazza Don Luigi Sturzo in Rome.
➢ 2001 August and September the painter participates in the Salotto delle Arti in Lavinio receiving a certificate and in the International Review of Painting and Sculpture-European Award TINDARI Terzo Millennio in Piazza dei Satiri in Rome. November He participates in the award ceremony for the "Inside Project" aimed at European recognition for the visual arts at the Forum Interat Gallery in Rome and receives the Millennium Cup for artistic merit. He then participates in the exhibition of Contemporary Artists at the Gallery "Space for the art ”in Piazza Ruffina in Trastevere in Rome.
➢ 2002/2003 July Participation in the "Roma in Arte" Painting Exhibition at the "Spazio per l'Arte" Gallery and participates in the Review of Visual Arts of the Forum Interat Gallery at the Forte San Gallo in Nettuno with the exhibition entitled "Grandi Maestri and New proposals ". September He takes part in 5 days of empirical-emotional seminars for the 1st and 2nd evolutionary cycle (Il Teatro del Sé) based at the Chiara di Premiano organized by the Cultural Association “Centro del Pensiero Positivo”. October takes part in a Personal Exhibition of Painting entitled "Transformation" at the Salone delle Conchiglie in Villa Adele-Anzio with the patronage of the Councilorship of the Municipality of Anzio in which the journalist and art critic Mara Ferloni was present.
➢ 2004 August Yvonne Gandini realizes two personal painting exhibitions: the first entitled "The pictorial event" set up at the Hotel Succi in Anzio and the following at the Salone delle Conchiglie, an event sponsored by the Department of Culture and Education of Anzio.
➢ 2005 May participates in the Art Review "Re di Roma" with the Art Studio Tre Association and, at the Municipality of Palombara Sabina, participates in the painting competition on the theme "The Divine Comedy - a journey between dream and reality". In July he created the personal painting exhibition "The fact and the background" for Mnemosine in Anzio and created a pictorial space entitled "Between creativity and art".
➢ 2006/2007 Realizes a personal painting exhibition entitled “L'Aurora” at the refined “Spazio Arte e Cultura” by Flavio and Renato Sartor at the Ancora Hotel and the Grand Hotel Majestic Miramonti in Cortina D'Ampezzo.
➢ 2008 August 12 - During the collective exhibition "I love the sea" she is awarded a diploma of merit at the Sala delle Conchiglie in Anzio and on October 27, at the Astrolabio Gallery in Rome, she confers an additional Diploma of merit. November participates with his paintings in a collective painting exhibition at the "Galleria Astrolabio" with the artistic direction of Tamara Cibei and wins the prize "The last lights of late summer". In the same month, he then produced a first painting at the Salotto Romano Mnemosine in Via Condotti in Rome.
➢ 2010 January establishes and constitutes a cultural and social promotion association called “ Euterpe ” and of which he becomes President; then, various workshops on the art of communicating follow. From 22 to 29 May he organizes a personal exhibition at the Flora Restaurant located in Via Flora 11 in Anzio (Rm). July creates a solo exhibition of paintings at the "Forte San Gallo" in Nettuno entitled "Reflected emotions" The exhibition is organized by Cultural association "EUTERPE" of which he is President. August sets up another solo exhibition of paintings at the Archaeological Museum located in the “Villa Neroniana” of Anzio. From 11 to 26 September - Mini-personal exhibition in Spoleto at the “Bottega dell'Arte” Gallery entitled “Beyond the image”. From 24 to 27 September He takes part in the “Spoleto festival art” at the Cloister of San Nicolò From 12 to 17 October he takes part in a personal exhibition in Salvador-Bahia-Expoart.
➢ 2011 The painter takes part in the Art Academy of Count Daniele Radini Tedeschi and, during the month of February, participates in the "Lupa Prize" and receives an award for the painting "The farmhouse with the rose garden in front" which is ranked 2nd place. From 19 to 25 March he participates in the art exhibition at the Catacombs of the Suburra entitled "Tradition and Innovation in Art". From 24 to 31 March he takes part in a personal exhibition at Palazzo Maffei Marescotti entitled "The sense of the Sacred" at the "La Pigna" gallery in Rome and curated by Count Daniele Radini Tedeschi. From 2 to 6 December Personal exhibition of paintings at the Sala Manzù in Aprilia entitled "Where does my heart take me?"
➢ 2012 During this year he participates in the II Edition of the Sacred Art Competition “Sine Deo Nihil 2012 - Theme of the Resurrection” and is classified in 4th position. From 23 June to 1 July Collective exhibition - event at the Sala Manzù in Aprilia entitled "The veil of Euterpe". Conceived and organized by the “Euterpe” Cultural Association of which he is President. From 30 July to 5 August - Mini-personal exhibition at the Forte San Gallo di Nettuno entitled "Summer vibrations". October-November he set up two collective exhibitions entitled “Between Impressionism and Abstractionism” at the “Arte Maggiore” Gallery in via di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. November 17 - The Euterpe Association promotes the Rome Creatives Association at the Galleria d'Arte Maggiore through a workshop entitled "Art and communication: what they have in common". This initiative is conducted by the painter herself. From 5 to 15 December she participates in the VI International Review of Contemporary Art "Art of the Third Millennium - Christmas Lights 3" The event took place at the Villa Doria Pamphili and, on this occasion, she was awarded the Author's Diploma.
➢ 2013 February participates in the collective exhibition entitled "The art of doing good" at the Villa Sarsina in Anzio. On this occasion, the painter donated two of her works to charity, thus allowing the collection for the purchase of various equipment donated to the Anzio hospital. March “ IL RIVELISMO ” is born, conceived and created by Yvonne Maria Gandini and the artist Silvano Ottaviani, to which other artists were then added. He immediately has the copyright and the paternity of Siae. It is a visual arts movement. See “ www.rivelismoitaliano.it ”. From 22 June to 2 July he participates in the Capitolium Award at the Agostiniana Gallery in Piazza del Popolo in Rome and takes part in the Art of the Third Millennium. In this same period he obtained the first prize for the painting "Salvation".
➢ 2014 From 11 to 19 October Exhibition “Artists on the way” Sala Manzù in Aprilia Collective exhibition conceived and created by the “EUTERPE” Cultural Association of which he is President. Participation in the Contemporary Art Fair of Padua. From 13 to 16 November Contemporany Art-Talent-Show Participation as a teacher at the event "Art and Communication" at the Galleria di arte Maggiore in Rome. November 2016.
➢ 2015 From June 27 to July 12 Collective painting exhibition "Anzio and its sea reveal themselves" promoted by the cultural association "EUTERPE" of which he is President. Collective exhibition on the “Jubilaeum Misericordiae” at the Seraficum in Rome with the collaboration of the critic Gastone Indoni and promoted by URBIS ET ARTIS International. October Birth of meeting activities for children on the theme of new expressive experiments such as painting, drawing and creativity that see her as a training guide in the field of visual expressive art. From 19th to 27th December Collective exhibition of painting “Let's reveal Christmas today” at the chapel of the church of San Pio and Antonio in Anzio and promoted by the Euterpe cultural association of which he is President.
➢ 2016 February Contemporary Art Fair in Genoa “Misericordiae Vultus” painting competition held in the diocese of Parma June 18-29 Collective exhibition of paintings in the exhibition rooms of the Palazzo dei Capitani in Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli Piceno. Organized by the Euterpe Cultural Association of which I am President 25 September to 2 October Personal exhibition of paintings on the theme "The Aesthetics of Revelism" at the Sanctuary of Santa Teresa in Anzio by the art critic Mara Ferloni and Ennio Laudazi. The courses for training in the expressive pictorial technique for adults called "REVELISM" are born, of which I am conductor and trainer. Christmas period Painting exhibition “Discovering Christmas with the art of painting in Christmas at the Ecumenical Center of Lavinio with the art critic Mara Ferloni and activities promoted by the Euterpe cultural association of which I am President.
➢ 2017 November 2016 - December 2017 Participation in the publication in the Catalog of Modern Art by Giorgio Mondadori in the pages of Italian Artists from the early twentieth century to today [CAM number 52] 24 June to 16 July Spoleto Meeting Art at the Caffè Letterario of Palazzo Mauri. The exhibition is also conceived and promoted by the Cultural Association "Euterpe" of which I am President with the presentation of the President of the Event Prof. Luca Filipponi and the Artistic Direction of Paola Biadetti. 8 July International Prize for the painting "The Forgotten Exodus" on the occasion of the Spoleto Festival Art at Palazzo Dragoni via del Duomo 13 12 September to 12 November Large exhibitions at Palazzo Zenobio in Venice at the same time as the Venice Biennale with the critic Prof Giorgio Grasso . November Presentation of the Revelism movement. December Christmas at Palazzo Zenobio Group exhibition with the critic Prof Giorgio Grasso. My new website "wwwrivelismoitaliano.it" is born. Bimilennario Prize for the death of Tito Livio. Collective exhibition of paintings in the botanical garden of the University of Padua with the art critic Giorgio Grasso Certificate of thanks for the donation of one of my paintings in favor of the charity promoted by the cultural and artistic association "Nuova Musa"
➢ 2018 Present in the publication of Giorgio Mondadori's Modern Art 2017-2018 [Italian artists from the early twentieth century to today. CAM number 53] Present in the "Vittorio Sgarbi Collection" - Archival certificate number "R411" and "R 412" January 20 - February 3 The exhibition then proceeds to Tivoli at the "Scuderie degli Estensi" Participation in the collective exhibition "Il Cassetto" dei Ricordi ”at the Art Saloon Gallery in Ariccia 17 February - 3 March 2018 Collective exhibition" Red as love "at the Art Saloon Gallery in Ariccia with the collaboration of the curator Alessandra Altieri. May Participation in the “Visual Arts” event “Seduction and Revelism at the deconsecrated church of Santa Maria in Chiavica in Verona. MINI-STAFF. June Participation in the visual arts event “In colors and emotions of the soul at the Parthian legion museum in Albano Laziale. July Organization of the collective exhibition "Fragments of color" at the Villa Sarsina in Anzio August Personal exhibition "Beyond the blue of the sea" at the exhibition space of the Atrium of the municipality of the Island of La Maddalena. International award "Livius noster" two thousand years after the death of Tito Livio. selection and attendance at the University of Padua in November by prof. Giorgio Gregorio fat. Roma d'Arte expo ”fair prize for modern and contemporary art. at the Italian avant-garde stend.
April 2019 solo show ... entitled "in sign and color" at the "numen" art gallery in Rome, via capo d'Africa.
May 2019 ... painting event entitled "in the sign and in the color" at the numen gallery in via capo d'Africa, at the didactic circle of Neptune ... I organized a seminar ... with a workshop entitled "the painting school of Italian Revelism combined with a painting exhibition.
June 2019 visual arts exhibition "the revealed beauty" at the exhibition halls of the Caetani castle in Fondi.
July 2020 personal exhibition entitled Rivelismo at the Papier art gallery in Sabaudia.
The artist Yvonne Maria Teresa Gandini is present in the catalog of modern art of the Giorgio Mondadori editorial in the latest issue cam 55 which concerns "Italian artists from the early twentieth century to today". Same presence for the numbers cam 54 and cam 53 ... always Giorgio Mondadori editorial for 2019-2020 and even before 2018-2019 ... and even before 2017-2018 the same catalog of modern art .
IN SEPTEMBER 2019 he reconfirmed the artistic movement called "RIVELISMO" with copyright and authorship of the SIAE with the co-founder artist Dr. Silvano Ottaviani. The artist Gandini, moreover, is the President of the EUTERPE CULTURAL ASSOCIATION since 2010, today he teaches painting, drawing and creativity to children between five and 12 years old. Following guidelines of experience, competence and continuity, drawn from his particular didactic-cultural and experiential training.
For more detailed information on his technique by Yvonne Maria Teresa Gandini, the artist has a painting school for adults, adolescents and children in the city of Anzio, or for anyone wishing to learn the technique of Revelism, consult the link http: // www.rivelismoitaliano.it/impara-il-rivelismo-con-yvonne-gandini-corsi-di-piture/
“The works of Yvonne MT Gandini pulsate with light: light carved from the canvas with strokes of a palette knife and color so as to create vibrations and emotions that arouse amazement and illuminate your heart with joy. If the artist's task is to send light into the depths of the human heart, Yvonne Gandini fulfills this role with fidelity also supported by great technical expertise ”.
Don Nello Palloni, Umbrian painter, Futurist art master and parish priest in the Perugian church of San Barnaba
" The chromatic language with which Yvonne MT Gandini, an artist gifted with great sensitivity, is very eloquent and personal, manages to make magical landscapes, splendid flowers, female figures, seas palpitate on the canvases that always represent moments of intense communication with everything that it creates secret emotions and vibrations for her. She caresses the world of nature that surrounds her with her eyes, constructs it with the sign, and dresses it with colors that are now sensual, now diluted in a soft synthesis. In her works, light is always dominant, the protagonist I would say, because she is convinced that looking at the majesty of creation is the basis for loving life and becoming better. For Yvonne, inspiration always starts from an emotional, profound fact that finds its roots in love, in the desire for that light that pushes you to wake up, that sweet light that illuminates things, but also and above all the soul and thought. ".
Mara Ferloni, art critic and journalist
".... Then let's imagine even just once, to enter a painting by Yvonne MT Gandini, to let ourselves be captured by the beauty of her painting, to become line and color, symbol, form and mass, to possess its intrinsic characteristics, to identify with in that "something", while remaining a person, and acquire that "quid" of creative, original and unique that is in every work of art by the artist herself .... (..) The painting contains the exquisite sensitivity of its creator, the delicacy of her thinking and living, the lightness that translates into the light of the pictorial rendering that becomes almost transparency, in the color brushstrokes, in the material, for interpretation of herself. We welcome within us a Venetian pink, a cloud gray, a dusty blue, a cobalt blue, a magenta red, a rummy green, a bright and shiny yellow, but also a pasty black and a thread of golden of a graphic sign, which it redefines a space… time (..). Then, imbued with emotional color, we manage to toast, a playful ensemble, the salottiero one of Mnemosine, with the artist Yvonne MT Gandini in tete a tete of privileged artistic friendship.
Marinella Canale, head physician-Doctor and art critic
“A prestigious space in one of the most famous worldly frames, testifies to the artistic path and the evolution that, in a few years, the brilliant Veronese painter has been able to achieve. A passion born following the instinct of desire, which has given rise to that particular perceptive sensitivity of natural reality that inspires Gandini's works. And it is no coincidence that light and space are the elements that first strike the eye of the observer, gradually taken by the colors that fade giving broad perspectives, leading to feel something “resonate” inside. Nature is the true protagonist of Yvonne MT's representational painting and the human figure, when present, "scratches and pinches" the canvas with imaginary nails of feelings and eyes, thus creating variations of light and fades of color that suggest traces that then make perceive as a whole, a perceptive caress. The internal and external world thus find in the canvas the place of their contact and the eye of the beholder appears, mirrored, that of emotions, and the invitation to "feel" and tune in to the "natural" time of life and not to that of haste and everything ".
Giuseppe Fabiano, Primary, Dr. journalist and writer
Taken from the volume "The sense of the sacred" by Daniela Radini Tedeschi
The painter Yvonne Gandini falls within the number of those artists addressed in an atmospheric research of the state of mind, thus leading her own artistic speculation in the direction of a fantastic illusionism. In the work "Venetian Lagoon" the continuous variations of light and atmosphere on the surface of the water are reflected with technical skill. The style is the heir of the modern tradition where the material becomes a narrative element that increases the pathos of the scene. Perspective rules do not impose their geometric existence, but are replaced by a calculation dictated more by the senses than by the lines. The artist prefers landscapes, urban views with glimpses crowded with people, lagoon scenes and, very curiously, depictions of vortices, painted with an expressionist touch and with very remarkable vigor. The extreme dynamic power of these sea eddies, of these eddies of water, symbolizes the inner torment, the suffering of the soul. (drt).
"Where does my heart take me?" This is what the painter Yvonne Gandini asks herself, but where does the heart of each of us lead? The question seems to be able to find an answer in front of these canvases with different subjects but united by a single common thread: an emotional painting, rendered with full-bodied and tangible colors, energetic like the spirit that creates them and that dissolve softly towards distant horizons ... there where each question finds its right conclusion. We are not faced with simple views, city glimpses or scenes of everyday life, in these paintings there is all the feeling of the artist. His brush is guided not only by a capable hand, but by his heart.
Carla Ofria, curator and art historian
Taken from the book "Christmas Lights 3-Rome" by Angela Chiassai "CLASSE A MAHAMOD - Yvonne Maria Teresa Gandini
A significant and aesthetically very appropriate work, in the comparison between the measured female form and the source of brightness. Delicate and sincere art, in a contained and linear form, of tradition and creativity.
Prof. Alfredo Barbagallo
Taken from the book “Art on the way - 2013 Capitolium Award Rome
"Yvonne Maria Teresa Gandini and her work" La Salvezza "(oil on canvas, 70x80 cm) - The work finds its natural meaning in the sensitivity and poetry innate in the soul of the artist, who finds a profound source in nature of inspiration. So even the dry branches, in the melancholy of winter, can welcome small throbs of life waiting to be reborn more luxuriant in the tree of life ( First prize of figurative art).
Prof. Mara Ferloni
The artist has been able to capture with imagination and emotion the moment in which the leaf is lost and is about to detach from the branch. Meanwhile, with a threadlike interweaving, the branches form a visual filter of the city view lightened by the stretch of water. Good and complex formal and emotional composition.
Arch. Barbara Righetti

Revelism is a current of thought, founded by the painters Yvonne Maria Teresa Gandini and Silvano Ottaviani, which wants to unite different artists of the visual arts, with the aim of putting the soul at the center of their artistic research.

Not an aesthetic investigation as an end in itself but capable of making emerge from themselves (reveal), in their work, the deepest nature of their individual soul and - according to the degree of their sensitivity - a fragment of the universal soul as well. .

At a time when there is an abundance of visual productions, the soul is so hidden that it is often invisible in many works, covered by the constant din of external stimuli and hidden between the self and the individual.

The purpose of this pictorial movement is to awaken the hope of a return to those absolute values, which in our age of great contrasts and such advanced technologies, often to the detriment of simplicity and feelings, seem to have "fallen asleep".

Art - therefore - returns to its deepest nature of expression of beauty, as an image of the Divine that reveals itself in the earth and in the human, in an individual way.

The aesthetic search for the ability to use a certain expressive means is not separated from a continuous and incessant search for an authentic and sincere work as an expression of the revelation of the soul.

For more information, please consult the official website of the Italian Revelation http://www.rivelismoitaliano.it