Freeze is an opportunity that the customer is given to buy everything on display with a 20% discount on the price tag.

The discount will be applied to purchases made physically at our headquarters in Sabaudia - Via Regina Elena 5, and to purchases made, through a special promotional code, in our online store on the official website


  • The discount is applicable to anything on sale that is on public display on the day dedicated to freeze (or that is available, on the same day, in the online store), but does not include the "works" that are part of the current art exhibition and all products related to the "I Love Sabaudia Razionale" brand. These products remain on sale at the normal price tag and during the freeze day it is possible that they will be (partially or totally) blacked out in our online store. If the user, on the aforementioned day, wishes to purchase them, he can contact us via Live Chat, email, by telephone (during shop hours) or via the Contact form on the site (any violation in terms of purchase will be blocked and considered void). Any order of the aforementioned products is made, for any reason, at a discounted price, the order will be considered void and the amount spent will be reversed to the buyer within the time and in the manner prescribed by law.

  • The discount is also valid for products in the online store for which the price is not visible. Just contact us by phone (or through any form on the site, such as Live Chat) and once the negotiation on one or more of the aforementioned products is concluded, these will be made visible (and can be purchased online) only to the interested user.

  • The discount is valid only and exclusively for the current freeze day and in the time of duration of the event; it cannot be used outside the aforementioned day and time; Also the discount is not cumulative and / or treatable in any way.

  • For purchases made on site, payment by bank transfer and / or cashier's check and / or current account check is accepted with the reservation that the Papier Gallery will keep the items purchased with this payment, until the transaction has actually taken place ( at most, the common bureaucratic times are expected and no later than; subsequently the transaction will be refused).

  • For purchases made on site, the customer can pay by debit card, credit card and / or any other prepaid card only for unitary amounts, less the discount, exceeding € 950.00; for amounts lower than the aforementioned amount, payment must be made in cash.

  • To purchase online it is not necessary to log in to the site, just add the goods to the cart, view the cart, enter the promotional code and follow the Checkout instructions (Please note that the promotional code will be valid with an order subtotal minimum of 51 € ). By logging in,registering with your own email and password, the purchase procedure will be much faster and more immediate (the data entered is personal and only the users themselves can access it; no one else will be able to view them, including the staff of the Gallery. Papier).

  • For purchases made online, the Papier Gallery provides a promotional code to be entered in the dedicated space before completing the Checkout ( the promotional code will be valid with a minimum order subtotal of € 51) . The code changes for each freeze date and is made available to users on the freeze web page of this site ( ). The code will be available only and exclusively for the first 30 people who will use it .

  • For purchases made through our online store, cash on delivery is not accepted as a means of payment; the customer can make the payment with all other available means (prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards, paypal and bank transfer).

  • During the freeze day Galleria Papier will not provide any packaging service (for example gift packages), cleaning and transport of the purchased goods at its own expense (however, an accurate packaging and certification service for the purchased goods is provided); furthermore, the appraisals and evaluations of new objects brought for sale and / or display and / or storage will be suspended.

  • At the time of purchase, the customer agrees to have read any imperfections that the objects may have, also fully approves the state of the goods in question and raises Galleria Papier from any problem and / or dispute deriving from the aforementioned state, defects and / or hidden defects. In the online shop the customer has the possibility to see the objects in question in a more than enlarged (in the desktop view) and detailed with high definition photos; furthermore, each object is accurately described in the technical sheets made available to the customer; the online sale is however regulated by the "regulation" described accurately in the terms and conditions of use of this website.

  • During Freeze, the goods cannot be purchased in installments and it will not be possible to deposit a deposit to keep them firm; once purchased, the goods cannot be returned or replaced in any way (for the regulation of online purchases, consult the terms and conditions of use of the Website).

  • Galleria Papier reserves the right to refuse anyone, at its sole discretion, entry to its premises and / or participation in freezes (also for what concerns online sales), as well as to unquestionably refuse the application of the discount. to anyone who does not respect or fully approve this regulation.

  • Galleria Papier is however inclined to evaluate various or different purchase proposals, so do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or requests at the email address or at 0773-1768268 or via the Live Chat on the site.

  • Anyone who participates in Freeze implicitly and fully accepts this regulation and the current privacy legislation.