Alfonso Marino
Alfonso Marino - Galleria d'arte Papier


Alfonso Marino, Naples 1948. Lives in Sabaudia. The first experiences in the field of poetic writing and painting date back to the 80s, while from the 90s he deals with visual poetry, using the technique of collage and mixed techniques.

He has participated in numerous collective and personal exhibitions and in poetic happenings. Present in various anthologies, he has self-produced ten poetry plaquettes and published the volume “Clouds and passions” for the publisher “alla chiara fonte” in Lugano.

His works have appeared in the magazines “Frammenti”, “Patapart - Magazine of the Parthenopean Pataphysical Institute”, “ilgrandevetro”, “deCOMPORRE”, “I quaderni di Movimento Aperto”, Quaderni SIMPOSIO of Anzio. G. Agnisola, L. Agretti, B. Andolfi, G. D'Annibale, L. Micali, SM Martini, R. Pinto, V. Scozzarella, C. Simeone, V. Corvese wrote about him, He translated poems into Neapolitan by E. Dickinson and in verse “The Little Prince” by A. de Saint-Exupéry. His poems have been translated into Romanian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. His works, today appear in collections and collections and public and private national and international bodies. Since 2014 he has been permanently at the Papier Art Gallery.