Yvonne Maria Teresa Gandini


Doctor in "Rehabilitation Sciences" and "Expert in Communication and Human Resources Management", Yvonne Maria Teresa Gandini was born in Zevio in the province of Verona. In the first years of his life, his passion for painting immediately manifested itself, although he had to concurrently carry out some stages for its evolution. After graduating from high school, he studied as a Rehabilitation Therapist at the Clinic of Nervous and Mental Diseases at the University of Rome and obtained the qualification with a mark of 70/70 and honors and subsequently also the diploma of Community Manager at the Ministry of University and Research of Rome. The painter acquires fundamental knowledge in the field of psychodynamic theories thanks to the course at “Neuropsychiatry” and is hired by the ASL ROMA H as coordinator of the Occupational Rehabilitation Day Hospital. In the same year he obtained the equivalence of the first level degree in Rehabilitation Sciences.
Over the years, Yvonne Gandini develops particular interest in the socio-educational-training field and deepens the field of communication by obtaining a Master in "Effective Communication and Human Resources Management" at the Italian Society of GESTALT and dedicates herself to ECM Training Projects for the ASLRMH in the role of design and speaker. Despite her professional merits, however, the contact with painting is always present like a fire under the ashes and faces the public for the first time in 1992 when the painter organizes and realizes with the director Massimo Collins a workshop on Creativity at the Teatro di Villa Adele in Anzio.
➢ 2000 July and August participates in some personal painting works such as the exhibition at the Hilton Hotel in Rome and the pictorial exhibition at Piazza Don Luigi Sturzo in Rome.
➢ 2001 August and September the painter participates in the Salotto delle Arti in Lavinio receiving a certificate and in the International Review of Painting and Sculpture-European Award TINDARI Terzo Millennio in Piazza dei Satiri in Rome. November He participates in the award ceremony for the "Inside Project" aimed at European recognition for the visual arts at the Forum Interat Gallery in Rome and receives the Millennium Cup for artistic merits. He then participates in the exhibition of Contemporary Artists at the Gallery "Space for the art ”in Piazza Ruffina in Trastevere in Rome.
➢ 2002/2003 July Participation in the "Roma in Arte" Painting Exhibition at the "Spazio per l'Arte" Gallery and participates in the Review of Visual Arts of the Forum Interat Gallery at the Forte San Gallo in Nettuno with the exhibition entitled "Grandi Maestri and New proposals ". September He takes part in 5 days of empirical-emotional seminars for the 1st and 2nd evolutionary cycle (Il Teatro del Sé) based at the Chiara di Premiano organized by the Cultural Association “Centro del Pensiero Positivo”. October takes part in a Personal Exhibition of Painting entitled "Transformation" at the Salone delle Conchiglie in Villa Adele-Anzio with the patronage of the Councilorship of the Municipality of Anzio in which the journalist and art critic Mara Ferloni was present .... .......... ( continue reading )