In the world of online stores, the checkout indicates to terminate the purchase process by entering some necessary data such as the shipping address, the choice of the type of shipment and finally the payment method.

In our online store the checkout process is extremely simple and intuitive:

  1. Start by selecting one or more products you want to buy and add them to your cart.

  2. On the Cart page you have the possibility to enter notes or requests, calculate the shipment by choosing the country and region of destination of the products and choose the type of shipment (Standard, Insured or Withdrawal at the Headquarters)

  3. Once this is done, click on the Checkout button.

  4. You are asked to enter: an email to confirm your order; name, surname, address, city, country, region and postcode required for the shipment; important telephone number for the courier or any problems due to transport.

  5. Then you are asked to choose and confirm (or change if you want) the delivery or shipping method.

  6. Once this is done, choose your preferred payment method and proceed by entering the requested data (no member of the Papier Gallery staff can access this data in any way, transactions are protected and managed by the banking system).

  7. Finally check, confirm and send your order.

Frequent questions

Is it necessary to register to purchase?

No. To purchase our products it is not necessary to register and become a member in Log-In; however, if you wish to do so, the checkout process is much faster as the data is already present in the personal card (for more information click here! <- why register).

Are there any additional charges beyond the total order I see on the Cart page?

No. We do not require any additional costs (such as packaging costs or other). All expenses are included in the total you read (including taxes). The amount may change if you decide to subsequently change, for example, the type of shipment or the destination of your order.

Is it mandatory to enter the tax code, VAT number or company details?

No. We give the possibility to insert them in the Checkout procedure but, according to the current trade rules, they are not mandatory for the purpose of purchasing our products (however, the user is required to declare that he has reached the age of majority to make purchases, via a checkbox). If you want an electronic invoice, it will be mandatory to enter all the data and request the invoice at the time of Checkout in the Note to be added, otherwise we will proceed with the normal receipt (it will not be possible to request the invoice after the purchase).

Can I checkout directly with Paypal?

Yes, once the products have been added to the cart, simply proceed by clicking on the Checkout button with Paypal. You will be redirected to the official Paypal site and just follow their directives.

Can I choose cash on delivery as a payment method?

No, we are sorry but we do not give, for now, the possibility to pay orders with cash on delivery. It is possible to use any credit and debit card on the market for your purchases. It is also possible to pay by bank transfer. If you have different needs, please contact us before proceeding with the purchase; we are sure that we will find a solution that suits you.

These texts and regulations are an integral and essential part of the sales contract described in detail in the terms and conditions of use of the site