Bout exhibition
Incontri 1.4 - Bout Galleria Papier
Meetings 1.4
Vernissage Sunday 24 October at 17:00

The Papier Gallery in Sabaudia inaugurates the Bout cultural salon with the Incontri 1.4 exhibition of the Officina Arti Contemporanee di Latina.

The project was born with the aim of creating cultural events that stimulate creative exchanges between the public, artists and cultural operators. An open space to return to inhabit the places of the Arts, creating inclusive networks and encouraging discussion and debate.

The first event on the occasion of Bout is a collective exhibition, Incontri 1.4, curated by the Officina Arti Contemporanee di Latina, an artistic movement born within the Latin Creative Collective Association with the aim of promoting the figurative arts in harmony with those literary. On display the works of Rossana Carturan, Tania Pitta, Sara Taffoni and Laura Zampieri.


As part of the exhibition, on the occasion of the finissage on 7 November, La Fabbrica will be presented: the latest publication by the writer Rossana Carturan, published by the publishing house Edizioni All Around.

Artists and projects on display

Rossana Carturan

Rossana Carturan

Rossana Carturan was born in Turin in 1966 and lives in Latina. Carturan is a writer on her seventh novel, the last of which, La Fabbrica, published in 2021 and published for the Baobab series of the Edizioni All Around publishing house with which the writer has been publishing since 2019.

Carturan wrote short stories, articles and poems then selected for publication in literary magazines, such as “Terza Pagina” by Sovera Multimedia and “Orizzonti” by Aletti Editore. Winner of some competitions, including:  Occhio alla Bozza, organized in 2006 by the Municipality of Ostana, of which Fusta Editore has published the collection of short stories Sangue di Rapa; Other love poems, organized in 2006 by the Literary Salotto of Turin .......

Exhibition project: The seasons of water

The seasons of water is a cycle of watercolors in which the expressive rendering of water was experimented through the modulation of colors and the water itself. Water thus becomes the absolute protagonist both as the main subject of the works and as a pictorial medium. 

Each watercolor is dedicated to a specific season, suggested from time to time to the observer by the depictions of scenes and subjects. The goal was to create a game of exchanges and intertwining between reality and imagination in which water, between evanescent drops and jets, was the binder.

Primavera 1 - Acquerello su cartoncino - Rossana Carturan
Passaggio 2 - Acquerello su cartoncino - Rossana Carturan
Tania Pitta

Tania Pitta

Tania Pitta was born in Polla (SA) on July 14, 1991. During her studies she became passionate about art history and was fascinated by the works of great artists including Monet and Van Gogh. In 2018 she discovered the love for watercolor painting and begins his self-taught path. Visit exhibitions, art galleries and see many masters of this technique at work. In his paintings he combines the love for nature with a delicate technique that reflects his serene and light soul.

Exhibition project: Tuscan countryside, sinuosity between heaven and earth

The delicacy of the landscape, with its soft and sinuous shapes, the soft colors of the clays and the bright colors of the wheat fields, the infinite varieties of the sky from sunrise to sunset, are the images that inspired these works dedicated to the Tuscan countryside. Magical places that have the power to excite and convey feelings of peace and tranquility.

Tra il rosso e il cielo - Acquerello su cartoncino - Tania Pitta
Campi di luce - Acquerello su cartoncino - Tania Pitta
Sara Taffoni

Sara Taffoni

Sara Taffoni was born in 1992 in San Benedetto del Tronto. Lives in Latina. Graduated in Historical Art Studies at the three-year degree, she continued her training by obtaining a master's degree in Contemporary Art History with a thesis based on the study and inventory of the "Mara Coccia Fund", preserved in the Historical Funds section of the National Gallery of Modern Art and Contemporanea di Roma, and a course in the Press Office with the Artedata school. She was among the winners of the Lazio Region call "Torno Subito 2018" thanks to which she worked .......

Exhibition project: Fragments of meanings

The Fragments of Meanings project is made up of canvases inspired by places, environments and characters discovered and met in Mexico and Italy between 2019 and 2021.

The idea was born from the study of the texts The Painter of Modern Life by Charles Baudelaire and The Image Hunter by Charles Simic. The authors describe two artistic approaches which, although very different from each other, present points of contact. The artist becomes a walker, an observer in search of images and meanings to be translated into art. The absolute protagonists of the cycle are the rendering of the details from which the gaze has been captured and the personal interpretation of the "invisible of the visible" [Merleau-Ponty].

The title, Fragments of meanings, alludes to reflections fueled by the semiotic studies of Ferdinand de Saussure and by some texts of contemporary Aesthetics.

 Astratto pontino 1 - Acrilico su tela - Sara Taffoni
Mineral de Pozos - Acrilico su tela - Sara Taffoni
Laura Zampieri

Laura Zampieri

I am Laura Zampieri (Velletri, 1996), aka Sonneblom.  I am 25 years old and I was found by art about when I was 3. Since then I have always used drawing as an outlet for any of my emotions: art represents my most sincere and pure way of expressing myself. Despite my boundless passion for art, I undertook different studies, such as the study of languages in high school and university and then a masters in tourism. In my spare time, however, I have never stopped devoting myself to art and, at this point, I believe it will never happen. Plans for the future? Working while traveling and, who knows, even taking a bit of my art wherever I go.

Exhibition project: Rebirth

Rinascita is a project born from a bad period in which I am currently immersed: for months I have been forced to home for back pains. The idea was to impress my emotions in the paintings and to wish myself that all this ends soon. The paintings of scale from the smallest to the largest are an attempt to contain negative emotions and to explode the positive ones.

The different colors, on the other hand, are subjective attributions of emotions: blue and green contain more negative emotions, orange, pink and white more positive. Furthermore, putting the paintings together, it all reminds me of a rainbow, a positive symbol that gives me hope.

Blu - Acrilico su tela - Laura Zampieri
Bianco - Tecnica mista su tela - Laura Zampieri