Exhibition in progress
Collection aprile 2021
Collective exhibition
10 APRIL - 16 MAY 2021

The Papier Art Gallery is pleased to present the collective exhibition: Collection .

As every year, in the months of October and November, we propose a collective exhibition entirely focused on contemporary artists (emerging and historicized), who have become part of the gallery's art collection.

The works exhibited in this review will range from abstraction to figurative art. Almost thirty artists, each with their own expressive language and their own technique, to tell "the liveliness and richness of today's art".

"Collection" wants to be a "multiform exhibition that offers the opportunity to experience contemporary art up close". The works of:

Alfonso Marino - Paola Abbondi - Federica Peco - Renato Barisani - Giovan Francesco Gonzaga - Roberto Fontanella - Fernandez Arman - Pablo Picasso - Mario Schifano - Alda Pastorello - Valter Carturan - Martino Mazzoleni - Marco Tamburro - Mimmo Rotella - Athos Faccincani - Antonio Cremonese - Lucio Of The Piece .

Some of the works on display