Catello D'Amato
Catello D'Amato - Galleria d'arte Papier


Catello D'Amato of Castellammare di Stabia, was born on August 21, 1953. The vocation to painting is revealed, for D'Amato, since he was a child; he exhibited his first still life and landscape paintings in the “Caffè Spagnuolo”, one of the most renowned bars in Castellammare and a prestigious showcase for local painters. In 1972 he graduated Naval Expert, he continued his studies at the Faculty of Engineering of Naples which he partially completed because in 1974 he moved to Rome where he worked as a test driver and works inspector of FS ships. In his many business trips he travels a large part of Italy and dedicates every fold of his personal time to “Painting”. He studies, with care and diligence, Caravaggio and the seventeenth century which together with observation from life become his guiding spirits. From his first works the artist moves on to the creation of metaphysical and surrealist-inspired paintings, he prefers oil painting but does not abandon the research path with mixed techniques and new tools of expression. In September 1978 D'Amato's first solo show arrives in the exhibition spaces of the magnificent and then new complex of the “Terme del Solaro” in Castellammare Stabia. The reviews of his works follow one another in personal and collective in Sorrento, Positano, Pompeii, Capri, Amalfi, the prestigious tourist resorts around Castellammare, as well as in Naples, Rome, Palermo, Messina Salerno, Caserta. The turning point of his life took place in 1995 when he left the railways to devote himself exclusively to "Painting". He settled permanently in Sabaudia, where he lives and works in his home-studio.

From this moment the works of the artist, who in the meantime has also metabolized the experience of American hyperrealism, acquire the precise location of today. He creates four lines of expression that normally have no points of intersection, coexist in him and allow him to space and move without technical and mental ties: Landscape figurative, Aquariums in hyperrealism, Abstract informals, Mediterranean hyperrealism. His works are found in private and public collections in Italy, England and France; its production is documented by catalogs and monographs. Permanent in the Papier Art Gallery since 2018.