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Do you want to buy unique and antique silverware and sheffield, an antiques, art or old paintings? Are you planning to start a personal art collection or are you passionate about antiques and period objects?
For more than fifteen years antiques, silverware, silver on copper, sheffield, ancient and contemporary art have been the flagship of the activity of the Papier Art Gallery and Papier Antiquariato , which is dedicated with professionalism in the purchase and sale of antique art, antiques and silverware.

Buy Art and Antiques

If you want to buy an antiques or a work of art, we recommend that you first come and visit us at our gallery in Via Regina Elena 5, Sabaudia (LT). We have a unique space where you can find antique furniture and paintings, a vast collection of Victorian and contemporary silverware and sheffields, unique items from various eras on display.
We can also satisfy specific requests, searching for you the objects or works of art you are interested in. Of course we can also advise you on the best for period furniture, design objects or for the creation of an antique and contemporary art collection.

The items for sale come exclusively from private individuals, and not from the antiques market.

Before being put on sale, every single object is carefully checked by our experts , to ascertain its authenticity and integrity, and accompanied by appropriate expertise that will be provided to the customer at the time of purchase; we can also follow you directly in the choice and implementation of each restoration intervention.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at +39 0773-1768268 , send us an email to , ask us for information via the Live Chat or fill out the form in the Contacts tab.

You can safely buy unique items also using our online shop : it's very simple; allows you to have a detailed view of the characteristics of each object; we ship your purchases everywhere. In short, Antiques and Art certified comfortably in your home with a simple click.

Lucerna Pontificia - 1840 ca