Paola Abbondi
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Paola Abbondi was born in Ascoli Piceno on February 26, 1954. She lives and works in Anzio, near Rome. In 1970 she graduated as a Master of Art. At the State Institute of Art of Fermo. In 1972 he entered the Magisterium of Art, Faenza, where he attended courses held by the artists Zauli and Biancini. The new experiences and the application of innovative techniques are a stimulus for her artistic research that will lead her to win the 1st prize of the National Competition of Art Institutes. Since 1972 he has taught Ceramic Design at the State Institute of Art in Fermo and Art Education in various schools in Milan. In 1984 he attended the three years of the Advertising Graphics course at the Cova school in Milan. In 1986 he won the 2nd prize in the competition organized by the Artisans Union of the Province of Milan. In 1988 he moved to the Province of Rome, where he continued his activity as an artist and teacher. He has organized several solo and group exhibitions in Rome, Milan, Anzio, Nettuno, Latina, Albissola, Cortona. Some works are now in the Taiwan Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions.
After attending the course in directing and screenwriting, held by Maximo Collins at the Academy of Visual Arts in Anzio, he has been part of a screenwriting team for three years. He participated in the writing and direction of the medium-length film "The Dream of the Earth" which was screened in Bollengo at the headquarters of the Orosia Cultural Association as part of the event "The choir in the snow" held on 18 and 19 March 2017 and on 9 August 2017 in Anzio as part of the "Anzio nel Cinema" review at the Villa di Nerone Archaeological Park.
1970 1st Prize of the National Competition for students of art institutes
1986 2nd Prize in the competition for painting ceramics Unione Artigiani di Milano
2010 1st Prize La Bandiera - Cori
2014 1st Award Cover of the I 2 Colli Association - Terni
2014 Biancoscuro sculpture section prize group exhibition - Pavia
2018 2nd prize in the painting section Sea Competition Motus Lega Navale Napoli
Today the works of Paola Abbondi appear in collections and collections of national and international public and private bodies (for example, some works are exhibited at the Taiwan Museum of Modern Art, others permanently at the Juana Romana Museum in Velletri). Since 2018 he has been permanently at the Papier Art Gallery.